LTOs Add Value

Seasonal LTOs Boost your Bottom Line
Menuing LTOs is a significant opportunity that can offer tremendous rewards for your overall business. Learn more about LTOs popularity, profit building tips and how seasonal flavor trends can drive traffic to your operation.

LTOs Popularity is Growing

Limited time offer introductions have exploded – 76%! 1

LTOs breaking ground

Datassential/IFMA: Consumer Planning Program 2015

Consumers Want LTOs
  • 75% of consumers state that LTOs give them the chance to try new menu items and ingredients.2
  • Nearly 50% of consumers say they ordered an LTO menu item within the past month.2
Seasonal Flavors Keep Your LTOs Fresh
  • 66% of patrons have indicated that they are more likely to order an LTO if it contains a seasonal flavor.3
  • 68% of consumers say that LTOs featuring seasonal ingredients are of interest.3
Potatoes and Beans are the Perfect
Seasonal Fit for Your LTO

Check out these restaurant trends and see how potatoes and beans are the perfect seasonal fit for your LTOs.

Potatoes and beans are the perfect seasonal fit for your LTOs.

A Seasonal LTO with Basic American Foods potatoes and beans will increase consumer traffic and drive incremental sales for your operation.

Seasonal LTOs

Consumers are Enticed by Seasonal Offerings
  • One-third of consumers report that their flavor preferences change with the seasons.
  • 59% of consumers are more likely to order foods described as seasonal.4
  • 54% would be willing to pay more for seasonal foods.5
  • 82% of Americans indicated that they are open to trying new flavors.6

Consumers are yearning for a change when they dine out. That’s why the most effective menus highlight LTOs using seasonal ingredients.

LTO Tips

1. Use your menu as a sales tool!

  • Start by using menu descriptions to your advantage
  • Utilize flavor-enticing words like “Seasonal,” “Fresh” and “local”
  • Promote the local farms where you purchase your ingredients/Connect customers to the source of their food

2. Call out LTO/Seasonal on the menu using an insert or graphic design.

3. Ensure all staff members know the LTO/Seasonal Special. They are your sales team!

4. Use social media to attract and entice customers where they spend the most time – online.

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